3 Oct 2010

We are stardust

Full moon in clouds on 24th July 2010, with green unidentified object in sky.
In 1957, Hoyle and Fowler showed that all the elements from which our world is made – from carbon atoms to uranium atoms – had been cooked inside stars eons ago from a basic fuel of hydrogen. These heavy elements were then blasted into space in great stellar explosions called supernovae, where they later congealed into planets, mountains – and humans. We are stardust, in other words. (Source)

Joni Mitchell:
We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden.
Here's a video of Joni Mitchell singing We Are Stardust at Woodstock, California, 1969.


[The unretouched photo of the full moon, above, taken on 24th July 2010, shows a green object which appears to be a planet. It is, I believe, just lens flare. (Click photo to enlarge)]

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