Life on the edge of the countryside in the English midlands. Subjects include gardening and growing in an environmentally-friendly way; some cooking and preserving; food and herbs as medicine, especially preventive; and Natural phenomena as they occur.

This blog shows the steps taken to cultivate a piece of land, the crops grown and use of the produce. The overall intent is to establish a cycle that produces good compost that creates strong and healthy plants that help to keep humans strong and healthy.

In many aspects we revert here to the ways and values of the 60s and 70s: the days of Seed magazine, 'the journal of organic living'; the Soil Association at a time when organic meant completely natural; The Last Whole Earth catalog and the good things it listed; alternative lifestyles - and love and peace, not war and hate. This is not in any sense nostalgia, but a belief that the spirit of something valuable arose at that time, and that it has since been displaced.

But in any case, on a purely practical level, we have been promised a future of austerity as we, and our progeny, struggle to pay our past and future debts to financiers and the arms industry in costly wars that 'will last for generations'. In that predicted austere time food will become costlier, simpler living more necessary, and good health a valuable asset.